Latest version : 0.2


autoinstall is a project for pepole who do a lot of - download, configure, make & make install, this script do all this automatically, by tracking a list of projects, urls, versions and dependencies

additionally, autoinstall can create a package (tgz, deb, or rpm) using checkinstall, to ease tracking of installed software using your distribution's package management utils.

Local Mode

autoinstall can be used with normal user account to install "local" packages, under /usr/local. packages installed "locally" can be identified easily, and stored under different partition, so that your main system is safe from changes

Usage Examples

./autoinst package_name

./autoinst --search pattern

Initiating "Local" mode

currently this is only supported for slackware.

as root :

./autoinst --local permissions

Be ware though - this will enable some extended permissions to your /usr/local, /var/log/{packages,removed_pacakges} to a group named "autoinst", you will need to add your self to this group manually


AutoInstall is best used with CheckInstall which enables native package creation for Slackware/Debian/RedHat based distributions.

Autoinstall projet page at SourceForge Logo

Using proxy : http_proxy=host:3128 ./autoinstall pkg